Why You Need a Responsive Website

We are often asked by our clients ” Why do I need a mobile website?  I can pull up my website on my phone.”  It’s true they can pull up their website but what they don’t realize is that their website is not usable on the mobile device.   The last thing you want to is have someone land on your website via their phone and not be able to access your content.

In  2014, mobile internet matched  desktop usage.  So it’s no longer a case of asking whether mobile marketing important, we know it is!

A responsive website that works well on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

So what is your next step? You need to decide if you want a mobile site or a responsive website. A Responsive design requires you only have one website that is coded to adapt to all screen.

A mobile template is a completely separate website requiring you to have a second, mobile-only website or subdomain. Mobile templates are also built for each specific site, not per screen size.

So now you’re asking, which is better, a separate mobile website or one responsive website?

Going Mobile

Even though more and more people are using a phone or tablet to access the web many businesses still do not have a  mobile website.   Over 20% of Google searches are performed on a mobile device.  In the United States, 25% of internet users only access the internet on a mobile device. When someone lands  on your website and is frustrated or doesn’t see what they are looking for, there’s a 61% chance they will leave immediately and go to another website

Going Responsive

Google prefers responsive web design over mobile templates. A single URL makes it easier for Google bot to crawl your site. A responsive sites will typically perform better and is easier to maintain than a separate, mobile-template site. A huge benefit of responsive design is that the size of the template is based on screen size, not device. Your responsive website will display properly for that screen size.

So, as new devices come on the market (TVs, watches, glasses, etc.) your responsive site will still look beautiful.

Moving forward, it is important that your website is mobile or responsive to provide an easy-to-use experience. Having a mobile website is no longer an extra feature, it is necessary and will have an impact on your business.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to make your website responsive? Are you ready to attract more customers via their mobile device.