About Us

(Computer) Geeks since the 1980’s

The core staff at Krack Media has been building quality products since we were kids. Then came the Internet revolution and the transition from curious, playful engineers to full-fledged computer geeks was a natural one. As we grow, we handpick only the best up-and-coming talent to join our team. Our new technical staff has grown up in the revolution and they are already geeks. The creative and support staff are experienced marketing professionals (they don’t like to be called geeks.)


Our Philosophy:

We do what we do because we like to do it.


What does this mean to us?

We look forward to our daily challenges.


What does this mean to you?

We immerse ourselves in your project. We welcome the demands of our work that require us to be at the top of our game every day. We consider our challenges to be opportunities. Opportunities for us; but more importantly, opportunities for our clients.


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