Detailed Service Descriptions


Software Updates

Most WordPress core updates are now automatic. But that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be a problem. Sometimes manual intervention is required. And what about all of those plugins? The plugin updates need to be manually run. After every update, we manually review the site to be sure nothing broke. If it did, we fix it. If it cannot be fixed quickly, then we resort to our last backup to restore your site to working order.

Database and File Backups

We take a complete copy of your website files and the database. It is then stored offsite for your protection. If your site were to become infected, we could wipe everything and restore from a full backup. Or, if your hosting server crashed, we could set up a new account elsewhere and restore your entire site.

It’s easy to recover from a catastrophe when you’re prepared.

Hardened Security

We lock down numerous access points usually targeted by hackers. We change the log in URL and enforce strong passwords. This is your website’s brute force protection. By limiting the number of failed login attempts, the unauthorized person will get locked out after just a few failed tries. And to protect valid users such as you, we can whitelist your IP address to be sure you don’t get locked out accidentally.

For the higher end plans, we can switch to an enhanced DNS system that helps block certain types of hack attacks before they ever reach your website.

And just in case, we run a malware scan.

Uptime Monitoring

The Uptime Monitor checks your site every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If it appears your website is not loading, the monitor makes few more checks in the next 3 minutes to make sure the site is down. If the site is still down, it will notify our staff immediately.

Database Maintenance

WordPress adds to or modifies the database of your site with pretty much every action. A lot of these entries to the database do not need to be kept for long. They just bloat your database and slow down your website. Google, other Search Engines and your users are obsessed with site speed, and it’s an important factor of their search ranking algorithms.

With our database maintenance, we keep your website’s database optimized by removing old, unused revisions, spam or trash comments, and many other entries. By performing these cleanup tasks, we keep your database as small as possible. Smaller database means it can operate faster. And a faster database means a faster website.

Monthly Report

Our monthly report is a great way to get an emailed snapshot of your website.  We summarize all software updates, post and page edits, uptime stats, security stats, and summary Google Analytics information. This is just the email a busy business owner needs to stay abreast of their website details.

Priority Support

With our priority support, your tech support request gets high attention. We move you to the front of the queue, and we do everything we can to resolve your problem the same day. If you are submitting a content or change request, we still move you to the front of the queue. And if the request can be completed in 30 minutes or less, we’ll get it done same day.

Our priority support customers receive up to 30 minutes of free support every month. If you do not use the time in any month, the unused time does not carry forward to the next month. Any work performed to address your trouble ticket that exceeds your free 30 minutes will be billed at the normal rate for that type of task.

Broken Link Scan

We scan your site for any broken links. These could be a link from one page to another on the same site. It could be a broken link to a downloadable document that no longer exists, or even an image in a post or page that has been removed from the media gallery. Don’t disappoint your website visitors with links that don’t work or missing images. We’ll find the problems and alert you.

Coaching Calls

Isn’t nice to have someone to discuss website ideas or online marketing ideas? We’re here for you. We’ve been building websites since 2001, that’s a lot of experience. Let’s talk.

Every month you can take advantage of 30 minutes of coaching. If you do not use the time in any month, the unused time does not carry forward to the next month. Need more than 30 minutes? Sounds like a big project, let’s talk to see how Krack Media can help you.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a broad term with many, many different tasks. When you sign up for our Platinum plan, we work with you to determine what SEO tasks our Krack Media team will perform every month.

Some examples of SEO tasks are:

  • Onsite optimization of Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions
  • Onsite optimization of image Alt Tags, Titles and filenames
  • Onsite optimization of internal links and their titles
  • Creation and automatic update of the SITEMAP.XML file which feeds Google and the major search engines
  • Set up and monitoring of the website in Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Enhancement of video titles and descriptions on YouTube
  • Spreading of same videos to other video sites
  • Review and tweaking of the social media accounts for your business
  • and much more!


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