Website Process

Step 1: Listening and Hearing

The most important part of the process before we get Kracking is to get a firm understanding of your goals and objectives for what you want your web site to accomplish. We want to hear what you have to say before we do anything. We have no preconceived notions – we want to meet your specific needs and solve your unique problems.

Step 2: Initial Concept Design

This is our first Krack at putting a design together based on what you’ve told us. We’ll send you an image of the site so you can get a sense for its overall look and feel, the color palette, drop down menus, photo treatment, and other big-picture considerations.

Step 3: Design Review

At this stage, your feedback is extremely important! We’ll do another round of listening before we go back to the drawing board and tweak what we need to, if anything, until you’re completely satisfied.

Step 4: Design Approval

If there are any changes to be made, we’ll get them done and send you an updated version. Then you get Kracking by giving it a good once-over and ensuring you’re completely satisfied with the design. If you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll keep Kracking until you are.

Step 5: Design Conversion

At this stage, we take the design and turn on the functionality so your site is now “live” on the Worldwide Web, but not necessarily with all the content fully loaded. (It’s still not quite yet what it’s Kracked up to be!)

Step 6: Load Content (fill ‘er up!)

We’ll work with you to get all the text and photos placed on each part of your site and ensuring you get the web site looking just the way you want it to.

Step 7: Final Review

When we’ve placed all the content and photos just the way you like them, we’ll ask you to look the site over carefully to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed or design elements that need to be tweaked before final sign off.

Step 8: Blast off!

Your web site launches complete with its spiffy new design, photos, bells, whistles, and no doubt some of the best copy written on the planet!

Step 9: Training

We’ll show you how to manage your website until you’re comfortable making routine changes, adding and deleting photos, updating news items, and keeping your site fresh and updated. No worries, though: if you need to modify the design or add a section that’s beyond your capabilities, we’re always there to help with our support services options.