Simple, Free Screen Sharing Service

The team at Krack Media have used the service for troubleshooting and for training, and it has been invaluable. For our needs, the free version has every thing we need, but we did eventually upgrade to the Pro version to get a custom URL.

When it comes to troubleshooting, it can be very difficult for the client to figure out what they need to describe they see on screen to us over the phone. So we have the client go to the web site, and click on the Share button. This downloads a small program and launches a small toolbar. We sit on the web site and then enter the unique 9 digit code the client sees. Within seconds we can see their desktop. And if we want to control the client’s mouse, we simple click an icon requesting permission.  The client accepts and watches as we research the problem.

The process is similar for training. We can share our own desktops or we can share the clients. It saves so much time as it eliminates the complex verbal descriptions from both parties.

The service is provided by LogMeIn, a trusted leader in the remote desktop software industry. If you need to remotely troubleshoot or just have a small training session, check out this free service today at