Web Hosting and Email

Your web site needs a place to live. It needs a computer to run on and a place where all its files reside. That will be the web server.

“Web Hosting” is the act of renting space on a shared or dedicated (private) web server. In other words, you are paying a company to use space on their web server for your web site, and for a high speed connection to the internet.

The solutions at Krack Media are very simple. For the majority of our clients, we offer either the Standard Hosting package or the Advanced Hosting package.

Standard Hosting Package

The Standard Hosting package is a simple place to locate your web site and your business email.  Most brochure styled sites and simple WordPress powered sites will work on our Standard Hosting package just fine.

Advanced Hosting Package

The Advanced Hosting package requires additional tools and software on the web server to handle many of the options offered by Krack Media, such as an eCommerce site, customized online applications or just super fast hosting.  And when it comes to quick loading WordPress websites, WP Engine is the place to go. Talk to us today, and we’ll help you narrow the options down to the best choices, whether it’s on one of our own servers, with one of partners, or somewhere else. We’re here to help you.

Dedicated Server Hosting Package

Does your website require specialized software? Do you need to have a highly secure website and hosting platform? Or do you just not want to deal with the shared resources and possible slow times that come with a shared hosting package? Then you need a dedicated server. Krack Media has a partner relationship with LiquidWeb to get you the dedicated server you need. Let us help you choose the right solution.

Advanced Email Service

Krack Media has partnered with Greeview Data to offer their cloud email services. Their anti-spam service, SpamStopsHere™, is rated #1 for anti-spam accuracy by Network Computing Magazine. SpamStopsHere™ blocks 99.5% of spam and delivers 99.999% of legitimate email.

We can add the SpamStopsHere™ to any email service you currently have or that we offer.