Krack Media Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Krack Media was launched in October of 2001. I had been dabbling in web site development with my two friends, Rob and Todd Hayward. Together we believed we had the skills to deliver quality web sites, so I started the business. Rob and I used our years of experience from NADA and British Telecom to code and project manage, while Todd provided the graphic design.

The origination of the business name started at the Hayward family dinner table when Rob and Todd were brainstorming ideas. Google and Yahoo were off-the-wall names, so why couldn’t we do the same? So instead of looking to the future like so many others, they looked back into Americana and some phrases. They loved the phrase “let’s get crackin” and from that, the name Krack Media was born.

The Hayward brothers eventually moved on, but I continued to run the business. I have since grown the team and networking partnerships into a strong foundation for the business that greatly benefits all Krack Media clients. I still do coding and focus primarily on the eCommerce projects while Sean Fitzpatrick is a wiz with WordPress and the eCommerce customizations. Erin Foglietta delivers fantastic graphic designs. And no business could run without that central office coordinator to keep us all on track; thank you Jaylene Gonyea.

In addition to the core team, I have established strategic relationships with marketing companies around the US as well as strong specialized software development firms in the UK and Australia.

But we couldn’t have made it this far without our customers. Thank you all for 10 wonderful years. Some have been with us for a very long time. Some are brand new customers. We hope to be of service to each of you for many more years to come.