Defending Your Website Against Plagiarism

Have you ever written an article for your blog or written some super cool content for your website only to find that someone else has stolen your content verbatim?

In this digital world its easy to copy someone else’s content.  You know that saying,”imitation is the best form of flattery”?  It’s not, when your business is affected.  Content or information is the new currency and you need to protect it.  The question is, “How”?

You can find your solution online with Copyscape.  Copyscape  is the #1 online plagiarism detection tool.

Copyscape offers a free version and a free plagiarism warning banner that can be placed on all of your webpages.  The free version allows you to scan your website a few times per month.  If you need more scans, then you can upgrade to the premium version.

What to do if someone has stolen your content.

  1. Act Quickly — search their website for contact information and ask them to remove the plagiarized content.
  2. If that fails, try contacting the site’s web hosting company.  Inform them of the theft.
  3. Google and other search engines allow you to file a notice of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) infringement and the site will be removed from search results.

For more information about preventing online plagiarism check out the Copyscape Resource page.