Content Management Systems

We’re Kracker-jacks when it comes to taking existing sites and converting them to a more user-friendly content management system like WordPress. We’ll build the site, then teach you how to update it yourself so you have control of content and updates. (Of course, if it’s more convenient for us to maintain and update your content, no worries — we’re happy to do that, too.)

We offer easy-to-use CMS systems that will allow anyone to easily update and manage all the contents for their website in one central location.  A CMS will give you the flexibility and control you need for your website, for both a beginner and an advanced user.

Here’s a quick look some of the features:

  • Update your site in-house when you want.
  • Connect easily with Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and other social media.
  • Easy search engine optimization. You will have the ability to  optimize your site with keywords in page titles and Google metatags.
  • Keep connected with your audienceCreate a blog to drive traffic to your site; we will show you  how to create a keyword rich posts and consult with you on whether or not to have comments on or off.
  • Embed audio or video to your site with ease.