Content Is King!

website-strategy-krack-media-web-design-online-marketingBlogging is dead…that is something many people will try to tell you. The truth in the matter is that content is still king. More importantly, effective content rules all and will help with bringing users to your site. So, how do you create this highly effective blog content? Here are three tips to help you get started.

Know Your Audience

There’s no point writing until you know who you are writing for. Think about your audience and what they want to know or learn. They’re looking to you for the answers, and if you don’t offer them then they will click away. By blogging about everything they want to know, they’ll share the content and help gather more people on your site.

You can sit down and create a persona for your content. Think about the interests of that person and whenever you write, consider whether it is helpful to that made up person.

Don’t Push a Product or Service

Bringing users to your site will only happen when your content is helpful and useful. Obvious sales content turns people away. They don’t want the hard sell until they know you a little more. And that only comes with time on your website and signed up to your email list.

Avoid pushing products too much. Add links in if you know something with help them with their problem, but don’t make a huge song and dance about it throughout your post.

Write for the People

The whole reason people think blogging is dead is because Google changes the goal posts a few years ago. There was a time people wrote for the search engines. The content was often poor in quality, stuffed with keywords and not exactly helpful. Effective content is written for the people, and this is just what you need to do.

Content is king in bringing users to your site. It’s time to create high quality, effective content whenever you blog.